WATCH The Bitcoin Miners!! Will They Start Selling?! ????

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► Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator:
► Bitcoin Difficulty:
► Bitcoin Hash Rate:
► BTC Treasuries:
► Hash Rate Of Publicly Traded Bitcoin Miners:
► 20% of Ethereum’s Supply Held by Miners:


0:00 Intro
1:31 Bitcoin Mining Explained
4:17 Bitcoin Mining Fears
6:59 Bitcoin Mining Companies
10:11 How Low Can BTC Go For Bitcoin Miners?
13:59 Ethereum Mining Effects
18:37 Rising Energy Costs And Mining
21:12 Outro


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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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