Shock⚠️Brutal Flood Leaves No Chance of Survival in Turkey Izmir Mosques in Prayer

Shock⚠️Brutal Flood Leaves No Chance of Survival in Turkey Izmir Mosques in Prayer

Downpours, large hail and widespread flooding from two outbreaks of severe storms in areas of Turkey in the past two weeks could end up costing local insurance companies $600 million, not including earthquake damage, it has been reported!
The hurricanes hit many areas, with widespread reports of flooding, high winds knocking over faucets, lightning fires, golf ball-sized hail, and extensive damage to cars and property, as well as extensive damage to agricultural businesses and cultures in the region. The director and meteorologist of risk analysis and modeling for the insurance broker explained that media reports predict a cumulative loss for the local insurance industry in the region of $600 million.
"Each event was marked by powerful thunderstorms that accompanied densely populated areas. In addition to the large hail, which included maximum hailstones approaching 90 millimeters in diameter, there were also isolated flash floods.

Recent news reports the severe storms that have impacted Turkey in the last two weeks. According to reports, the rainfall, hail and widespread flooding could result in a cost of approximately $600 million to local insurers, not including damage caused by the earthquake.

The storms affected several areas of the country, bringing strong winds and thunderstorms. The isolated flash floods caused severe damage to cars, property and agricultural activities. The hail, which reached stones with a diameter of up to 90 millimeters, also damaged many plantations in the region.

The director and meteorologist responsible for risk analysis and modeling at the insurance broker explained that each event was characterized by intense thunderstorms that accompanied densely populated regions. The aftermath of the storms is being assessed and the total cost to local insurers is expected to reach the aforementioned amount.

The situation in Turkey continues to be monitored by the authorities, who are working to provide assistance to people affected by the storms. We ask everyone to stay informed about updates on the situation in the region.

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