Scientists Just Made An Intriguing Discovery Below Antarctica!

Scientists Just Made An Intriguing Discovery Below Antarctica!

The Earth is so big that we still don't know everything about the places we thought we'd completely explored.

One such location is Antarctica, our planet's sparsely populated ice-cold region. Now a team of daring scientists have dug deeper and found something interesting.

Care to find out what's under Antarctica? Then watch this video to the end!

What You Need To Know

Located miles beneath Antarctica's frozen surface is an underground river which serves as a home to a previously unknown ecology.

Just recently, scientists have pulled this "secret world" into the light, revealing a deep, rocky cavern teeming with tiny, shrimp-like organisms.

The scientists discovered the hidden underground community beneath the Larsen Ice Shelf, a gigantic floating sheet of ice tied to the eastern tip of the Antarctic peninsula that is famed for giving birth to the world's largest iceberg in 2021.

How Did The Scientists Discover This Place?

Researchers released a statement explaining how they used satellite imagery to identify a strange groove in the ice shelf near where it met the land as a subsurface river.

The team used a strong hot-water pipe to dig down 1,640 feet under the ice and reach the underground room.

Scientists were unable to get a clear look at the underwater cavern, thanks to the hundreds of tiny, fuzzy specks in the water that blocked the video feed from the camera they sent down the freezing tube.

The group at first suspected that a malfunction in their machinery was to blame. But when they refocused the camera, however, they saw that small amphipod crustaceans were covering the lens.

In their wildest imaginations, they had not anticipated discovering any form of life so far below the cold surface.

The Proof Of A Deeper Ecosystem

According to physical oceanographer Craig Stevens of New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, "seeing all those species swimming around our camera suggests there is certainly an important ecosystem process happening there."

There was "jumping up and down for delight" once the team found the hidden shrimp-infested building, Stevens said.

The existence of a large system of rivers, lakes, and estuaries beneath Antarctica has long been assumed by experts, but until recently, these features have been inadequately investigated.

The discovery is even more significant because it was previously unknown whether or not they hosted life.

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