Russia Is In Flames: Fires One After Another In The Capital Moscow!

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War is undoubtedly the name given to armed conflicts between countries, armies and groups. Armed conflicts usually take place on the frontline. However, diplomatic developments and decisions also have a major impact on the fate of the war. In the Russia-Ukraine war, along with what is happening on the front line and in diplomacy, there are also developments that attract attention and many of which cannot be explained. And these developments have a serious impact on the course of the war. Yes, we are talking about back-to-back fires in Russia!
Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been facing many problems since the day he started the occupation of Ukraine! In addition to the problems of military personnel and equipment on the front line, a series of problems on Russian soil are putting Putin in a corner. Anti-occupation protests and factions within the country are some of them. Like the rest of the world, Putin knows the causes of these problems. The problem that affects Putin the most, who can find solutions to almost none of the problems he is facing, is the fires that he does not know the cause of and that are increasing day by day!
The fires on Russian soil undoubtedly affect the course of the war as much as the problems at the front and in diplomacy! Some of these fires are carried out by Russian anti-occupationists, the Ukrainian army, sabotage groups and partisans. However, the cause of most of the fires in various regions of Russia is unknown! It is as if a hidden hand is setting the cities, streets and avenues of Russia on fire!
Most of these fires occur in oil and gas facilities, factories and industrial warehouses. In the past few days, an industrial warehouse in Moscow, the capital of Russia, has been the target of fires of unknown origin! A big fire broke out in the city of Odintsovo in the Moscow region! The fire that occurred in the industrial warehouse during the night hours made Moscow almost live during the day. Because the fire was very intense and the area where it spread was quite large! the fire, which spread over an area of 4 thousand 320 square meters, worried the Kremlin!

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