Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough With Hydrogen-Boron Reactions

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Today we’ll talk about a new LHC anomaly, wakefield acceleration, nuclear fusion progress, how to look around corners in augmented reality, the largest magnetic fields we’ve ever seen, engineers who have designed better wood, birds that change their colour, metamaterials that guide robots, and of course, the telephone will ring.

00:00 Intro
00:30 A New LHC Anomaly
02:12 Laser Amplification from Wakesurfing
05:21 Hydrogen-Boron Fusion Progress
07:47 Looking through Walls in Augmented Reality
09:37 The Largest Magnetic Fields in the Universe
11:51 Better Wood
14:10 A Mysterious Color-Change in Hummingbirds
15:51 Directing Robots with Metamaterials
17:38 Learn Science With Brilliant

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