IT'S NATURE'S WRATH! Heavy rain caused floods and landslides in brazil after carnival 2023

IT'S NATURE'S WRATH! Heavy rain caused floods and landslides in brazil after carnival 2023
Natural disasters everywhere. Danger is staring at you. It's nature's wrath.
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Heavy rain causes flooding in São Paulo,

The heavy afternoon rain this Monday (13th) caused flooding in several parts of the city of São Paulo, according to the City Hall's Climate Emergency Management Center.

According to City Hall's Center for Climatic Emergencies, 52 flood points were recorded as of 5:30

Around 5:00 , the town hall announced that it was suspending vehicle rotation this Monday because of the events.

The City Hall of São Paulo, through the Ministry of Mobility and Transport and the Transport Engineering Society, announced that the urban rotation of vehicles and trucks is suspended this Monday afternoon due to the rain hitting the city.

Around 4:30 , the municipality registered more than 30 flood sites, most of them in the east zone of the capital.

The Mooca stream overflowed causing flooding at the intersection of Professor Luiz Ignacio de Anhaia Mello and Salim Farah Maluf streets on the east side.

Between 2:40 and 4:30 , millimeters of rain collected in the neighborhood. The expectation for the month for the whole city is 178 millimeters.

There was also an overflow of the Morro do S river in Capão Redondo (South Zone) at the intersection of Ellis Maas Avenue with Comendador Sant'Anna, South Zone.

Some important streets like Avenida do Estado, Luiz Ignacio Anhaia Mello and Radial Leste. CET informed around 17:00 that city vehicle rotation, including for trucks, has been suspended due to the rain that hit the city.
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