Earth is BURSTING AT THE SEAMS! Turkish Earthquake. Red Auroras. Venice's Canals HAVE SHALLOWED.

FEBRUARY 27, 2023
???? TÜRKIYE: there was a NEW devastating EARTHQUAKE of magnitude in the province of hypocenter was located at a depth of about 10 kilometers.
Dozens of buildings collapsed, not withstanding the force of nature.
As of late February, since the first earthquakes there have already been about 10 thousand aftershocks, they are recorded every 3 minutes.

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❗ ITALIA: VENEZIA's famous CANALS have grown shallow and became more like streams. In the city there is no other transport except water. On February 20, 2023, the water level in them dropped to -70 cm.
Work is hampered not only the well-known gondolas, but also vaporettos - river streetcars, and this is the main type of public transport in the island part of the city. Also the work of city services, in particular ambulances, is hampered. On some channels sometimes it is impossible to pass at all.

❓ What was the cause?
❓ Astronomical processes?
❓ Drought?
❓ Or a Turkish earthquake?

⚠️ Many also attribute the phenomenon to the recent earthquake that occurred on February 20 in Turkey. Since at almost the same time sea levels dropped sharply in Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and Cyprus.
Perhaps as a result of the shifting of the tectonic plates, voids have formed, into which the sea is sinking. If water escapes through the rifts into the Earth's interior and comes into contact with magma, it will evaporate like an avalanche, leading to even more catastrophic earthquakes and floods.

FEBRUARY 26, 2023
????️ USA: Powerful tornadoes swept across the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, leaving behind damaged structures, severed power lines, and overturned cars.
There are dead and wounded.
According to the National Weather Service, 10 tornadoes were reported only in Oklahoma. For this state, it is the highest number of tornadoes in February ever recorded since the 1950s.

Normally, auroras are green or purple, but now the sky is increasingly flaring with shades of red.
???? In the last days of February 2023, powerful RED-DOMINATED NORTHERN LIGHTS were observed in different places on the globe, namely in Canada, in the US, in Europe.
???? In addition, in different regions of the planet, another unusual natural phenomenon is recorded - LIGHT PILLARS of the same RED COLOR.

➤ In humans, the red color is intuitively associated with anxiety, danger ... What does this color actually signal?
➤ What signs of nature do we still stubbornly ignore?
➤ And what is the black mark for all mankind?

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