Definite HIT: Ukrainian Army Has Hit Russia's Main Logistics Center And Russian Military Base!

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Is it enough to have powerful equipment and a large number of soldiers to achieve success in war? Is the strength of an army measured by the number of military equipment and personnel? Of course not! The Russia-Ukraine war, now in its second year, has clearly demonstrated this fact. But what was as important for success in the war as military equipment and personnel? The answer to all these questions lies in the successful offensive of the Ukrainian army!
When we carefully examine the attacks carried out by the Ukrainian army, we see that it targets strategically important regions as a location and conducts operations in these regions to the points that will cause the invaders the most damage. Therefore, dozens of attacks by the Russian army, which is composed of inexperienced managers, soldiers and commanders, without any strategy and tactics, cannot be as effective as one attack by the Ukrainian army! In the words of retired Russian intelligence officer Igor Girkin, the Kremlin refuses to give up its failed tactics with "stupid stubbornness". This will be the end of Russia!
The most important points targeted by the Ukrainian army in strategic areas are supply lines, logistics centers, military bases and ammunition depots. Because these points cause great damage to the Russian army in terms of loss of both military personnel and ammunition. However, while the destruction of logistics centers means the destruction of Russian army inventories, the destruction of supply lines ensures that Russian troops in the occupied territories cannot supply their needs. With this strategy, the Ukrainian army is cornering the Russian invaders day by day!
In the second month of the second year of the war, the Ukrainian army organized successful attacks on dozens of important areas and points belonging to the Russian occupiers.

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